Sunday, September 20, 2009

Walking With Dinosaurs

Yesterday I took Diego and Christian to the show Walking With Dinosaurs. It was awesome! If you have kids who love dinosaurs this is the show for them. They have created life-size dinosaurs, tell about them and some even have a little battle. The dinosaurs look so real. They did a great job making them look so real even in how they move. What is priceless is the look on the kids' faces. Diego was so excited. This was heaven for the kid who loves dinosaurs. He kept saying, "Oh my gosh, look at that!" with the happiest expression on his face. He didn't want it to end.
We got there a little early so to pass the time we took pics of ourselves. Diego was so thrilled!
Christian was a happier camper about taking pics.
This is why Christian was happier to take pics. The boy loves his popcorn! So you weren't suppose to take pics during the show but I saw many people doing it so I tried to take some. The dinosaurs were always on the move so it was hard to get a good pic (and try not to get caught taking them!) This pic is one of the only good ones. This is on a younger Brachiosaurus. It really was huge. The pic doesn't do it justice. A little bit later the mom comes out and is bigger. Diego's eyes lit up. The mom was as tall as us and we were on the second tier.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Making Grandpa Proud

My poor next door neighbor seems to get all the yucky creatures in her yard. Sadly for her she is terrified of all these creatures. She has had frogs, snakes, dead birds in her house and some other creatures. Luckily for the rest of us we have yet to see them. So the other day she asked if I had seen her latest creature. When I said "no" she told me to look under her tree. There were two baby squirrels. They had fallen from a nest in her tree. One had already passed away and the other one was barely alive but she wanted to try and save it. She called animal control, they wouldn't come. So she called a pest company and told them she would pay them to come get them...they said no. She said when her husband came home he was going to just put them in trash bags and throw them away, even the live one. She said she just wanted him to pick it up with the shovel and move it to the backyard. Now comes the part of making grandpa proud. My dad likes squirrels. He has several feeders in his yard for them so we thought we'd be doing good. So I told my neighbor "I can do that!" She thought I was kidding. She didn't think anyone in their right mind would pick these creatures up. So I grabbed my dust pan and a spatula and grabbed Diego. I knew if I chickened out, Diego would step up to the plate. I was right.
This is the dead one. They aren't very cute. They look like rats in a way.
Here is the live one. We moved him another yard where no one lived and put him under some bushes so hopefully maybe the mom would come back.
Diego wanted to keep the squirrel as a pet. Umm....No! Christian was happy to throw the dead one away.

School has started!

School starts after Labor Day so the boys just completed their first week of school. Here are pics from the first day. Diego started first grade and was so ready to get back to school (or maybe that was me who was sooo ready!) He likes his teacher and has a few kids from his Kindergarten class plus a good friend from church. He is happy to be far! There hasn't been homework yet so we shall see if that attitude keeps up! He was a good helper in preparing Christian for his first day of Kindergarten. Christian started Kindergarten this year. He was looking forward to it but nerves set in and I think he was a little nervous. He kept saying that he was going to be shy. I was really nervous when we went to the bus stop and when it was time to get on, Christian was hesitant about where he should actually sit (kindergartners have to sit up front) and then there was a boy who did not want to get on the bus. He was crying and his mom was literally dragging him on the bus. I just kept thinking "Please don't freak out!" He was o.k. and thinks school so far is boring. He really wants to spend the day playing on the playground. The fun stuff. = ) Anthony started preschool this year. Last year he always wanted to go into class with Christian but was too young. Now it's his turn. I was a little worried when in the morning I told him today was his first day of school and he said "NOOOO!" But luckily when we got there he was thrilled to get to put his backpack on the hook and actually stay. He is all about the playground too. Happy to report that they made it out to the playground which made his day.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Last post today, I promise. So today I took the boys on a hike. We went on a trail that was suppose to lead to a nice looking waterfall. Not so much. There was water, just not enough to make the nice waterfall that they have pictured on the website. We decided that it would probably be better in the spring. We'll have to try then. The boys made the most of the rocks and water that were there and had a good time.
Along the path we kept coming across these mushrooms. This was the largest one we have ever seen. The boys were impressed.
Something about fallen trees that call out to boys that say "CLIMB ME!"
One of the first things Diego found at the water was little tadpoles and bigger fish but then he spotted a lizard and actually caught it. He desperately wanted to bring it home. He also thought he could train it to "stay" put on the rocks while he and the other two collected rocks and leaves to make a nest for him. Oh, Diego! I love this picture because Christian is helping Anthony around the rocks. It was quite cute to hear Anthony call out "Christian, I need help" everytime he was stuck or didn't think he could make it across. One of those rare moments when they are kind to each other and help each other out. Love it!
This picture represents: "What was I thinking bringing the boys here? They don't ever want to leave!"
On the climb back to the car we came across this tree that Diego had to cross. Again, something about trees calling out to be climbed on and crossed. The above picture of me also goes with these pics especially when Anthony pipes in with "My turn!" Um...NO! He didn't cross it! Of course Christian had to cross too. Anthony and I met them a few feet away on a easier place to cross. It amazes me how these guys have no fear! The pictures don't do justice to how far up the tree was over the ground. It would have been a good drop. But they succeeded!

Christian's Special Day

Before my kids start Kindergarten I decided to let them have a "special day" with just the two of us. No brothers allowed! Christian chose to go to the movies. As part of the specialness of the day we bought popcorn at the theatre. This usually never happens. We always bring snacks from home. The smile that came across Christian's face was priceless. He loves popcorn. We got a large popcorn and drink to share and he pretty much ate most of it. I almost thought I was going to have to ask for a refill. We saw "G-Force" (the one with the gerbils that are 'secret agents') It was really cute. We then headed to McDonalds for dinner. He was a bottomless pit. We then got a phone call that really made the day. Our friends were going fishing and wanted to see if the boys wanted to go along. YES!!!! was the answer. Christian was pretty good and caught at least 4 fish but he didn't want a thing to do with getting anywhere near them after they were caught. Notice he's standing back a little. We were trying to get him to hold the line so I could get a picture. Wouldn't even get close!
Here is Diego's catch. He caught a few as well. He even caught a little turtle once. He keeps asking when we can go again.
I even got in on the action. First try and I got one!
Thank you Bruinings for asking us to come along and giving us some pointers. You guys have great patience. We had a great time and the boys have found a new passion!

Giddy Up!

I have been trying to get this on video and onto the blog for some time. This cracks me up. Anthony has been riding this horse like this since he was 2. The higher the better. Every time he gets on and gets going I just have to laugh.
This is his trick. Both feet on the handle bars and rocking!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Vacation before School

Before school started we went back to the Outer Banks with my parents and sister. My aunt and cousin joined later in the week. The beach is a great get away. The boys always have such a great time. Not as much fun as in June when they have all their cousins to play with. Sadly they were the only kids this time. But they did pretty good. Thankfully they were entertained with the beach, the pool, the XBox that came with the house, playing foosball, bike rides and just being someplace different. Counting down the days until next year!
Diego makes his dad proud. He is a really good foosball player. It took two people most times to try and beat him.
The boys decided to feed their snack to the seagulls. They were some happy birds!
But pretty soon this is what we had to look at, even after there wasn't any more food.
After all that fun these two couldn't take it anymore!
On the way to the beach we pass these two ponds that always have turtles sunbathing so the boys and grandpa thought they would try and catch some turtles and fish. The previous day they caught 3 turtles and 1 fish. This day they didn't have any biters. Diego kept trying to hack the fish or turtles into the net and so they'd swim away. We told him to be still like a statue so they'd come closer to him. This is his pose. Anthony got a little bored when nothing was happening so we found a way to amuse ourselves.
Diego put this together. Thanks Nana for bringing some entertainment.
Along with diving, Diego learned a new trick. Here is his back flip. I think he could have done it all day long.