Saturday, January 22, 2011

Talent Show & Photo Dump

Today the primary at church had a talent show. At first Diego was the only one who wanted to share his talent. Last minute Anthony wanted to share his. I was surprised by how many kids actually got up and did things. We had tap dancing, piano playing, ballet, gymnastics, karate demo, magic act and a few others. Many kids brought things to display. It was a fun morning.
Diego decided to display his drawings. He has gotten quite good and loves to draw, make comics and books about animals. (of course!)
After all the talent acts they let the kids who wanted to explain their displays. Anthony brought his soccer ball.
Me and Anthony. I was really proud of him for getting up in front of everyone. I was surprised he did it all by himself. He even told Christian (who was waiting in line with him) to go sit down, "he could do it by himself!"
LEGOS Lately the boys have gotten into legos. I took them to buy a set with their own money and they quickly put their set together.
The finished products:
The boys were a big help this year. They put the tree together and put on all the ornaments. They were excited!
Here they are waiting for the ok to come down the stairs.
Boys with their loot!