Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun day at the park

After school the other day we called up a classmate and friend of Diego's and headed to the park. It was a beautiful day and some much needed energy was needing to be burned. The mom of Diego's friend was a little worried that I'd be taking 4 boys to the park but I said it was no biggie....and it wasn't. The boys spent the whole time building a fort. While there were girls screaming in their high pitched screams and running around the park, my guys were busy building a fort! Again, who needs girls?... I'll keep my guys!!
The boys started to draw attention to their creation. Some kids came up and said "hey that's pretty cool." They even helped gather sticks at one point.
Here are the boys and the finished fort. Diego was so happy. This was just a few sticks when it started and they managed to find more sticks and leaves to make their cozy fort! Yea for beautiful days!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Growing up

So my little guy is growing up. He has come to the ever independent stage where he wants to get dressed by himself, put his shoes and coat on, brush his teeth, get his own snacks/drinks...all by himself. Most of this is great except when we are in a hurry. Last night he surprised us by saying the family prayer all by himself!! Usually he wants help but last night when I tried to help he said "Noooo mom! I can do it myself!" And he did and it was precious! The picture above is of him holding his cousin Autumn, whom he loves a lot! Here they were watching tv together and she fell asleep on his lap. What a great big cousin! He is constantly making me laugh with his expressions and out-of-the blue comments. I'm glad this cutie is mine!!