Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good-bye Dear Friend

There was a tragedy over our Christmas break and that was the loss of Diego's iguana Yoda. A couple days after Christmas I awoke to the screaming of Diego and the crying of Christian and Anthony. Diego ran into my room holding a limp Yoda and was sobbing. Christian kept saying, "It was an accident!" Anthony I don't think really knew why he was crying but since the other two were he was going to. The boys had been in the basement playing the Wii and Yoda had been on a blanket that was wrapped around Diego. Unknown to Diego, Yoda jumped onto the carpet and during the playing of the Wii, Christian knelt down right on top of Yoda. I'm pretty sure it was quick. Diego was devastated but he understood it was an accident and wasn't blaming/yelling at Christian. He tried to give Yoda water and even pump his little stomach but he was already gone. We wrapped him in tissue paper and out to the trash he went. Diego had a few rough nights after that and a hard day at school when they had to write about their break and then share with the class (which he wouldn't have written about if he had known he was gonna have to share in front of everyone!) That was hard for him. But I'm proud of the way he has handled the whole situation. He adored Yoda. Every morning he'd wake up and go get him out of the cage and play with him before school and as soon as Diego got home he'd get him out again. Yoda is surely missed!