Saturday, October 22, 2011

Diego's Where??

He is in the bull pen warming up because he is pitching the last inning!!
With only 2 games left of the season Diego showed an interest in pitching. He showed his coach before his game last night and the coach asked him where he'd been the first few weeks of the games. He told him he'd let him pitch a few if the opportunity came. And today it did!! He has only practiced his pitching only twice. He was nervous but his teammate who warmed up with him kept encouraging him. His first pitch was a strike!! His first time pitching he had 2 strikeouts and a forced out at home. He did great!! I was so proud that he took the initiative and asked his coach if he could try. He received a game ball at the end. Way to go Diego!! All these pics were taken with my cell phone cuz I forgot the camera when I put it down to search for Yoda (the iguana) who got away from Diego this morning. So in the mess of looking for him and getting the other boys ready for their games I forgot to get pick the camera bag back up. I was killing myself the whole time. Hopefully he will get to pitch the next game and I'll get that on video!! As of this moment Yoda is still missing in the house!!