Friday, December 25, 2009


It has been a wonderful Christmas season for us. Christmas eve and day were no exception.
Here is Diego opening a game for the Wii that he really wanted. He was one happy camper.
Here is Christian with a favorite gift: the complete set of Indiana Jones movies. He came up to me later that night and said "Mom, the rule is: if you want to watch one of the movies you have to ask me first!"
After leaving Jose's parents we came home to get ready for Santa. Here the boys left their letters and goodies for Santa and the reindeer. They kept asking to add things to their lists.
Santa was good to them. They were all happy campers. Here is Christian in his Obi-Wan costume. He has yet to take it off and I'm thinking there is a good chance he will be sleeping in it!
Anthony was thrilled to get "Mac" from the movie Cars. He loves anything that has wheels but he has been asking for "Mac" for a long time.
So then it was off to Nana's for more presents. The day just keeps getting better!! Here is Anthony awaiting his gift. He looked so cute trying to keep his eyes closed.
And here is what he was waiting for: a giant trash truck. His cousin has one similar and loves to play with it when we go. Nana couldn't resist when she saw it at the store. He has been in heaven all day with his trash truck and "Mac."
I thought this picture was too cute. Sitting side-by-side playing their DS's...I love moments like this!
Here, Anthony is helping me listen to my new MP3 player giving his approval of songs. He loves his music!
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Photo Op

Last week my sister blessed her baby and since we were all looking snazzy we took her up on her offer to update a picture. Here are some of my favorites. Thanks Kelli!