Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who needs girls!

So somehow as we were cleaning the boys' room today I ended up at the "Hair Salon de Christian" Girls, do you remember sitting in school on the floor for an assembly and your friend would be sitting beside you and she'd play with the hair of the girl in front of you and you secretly wished she'd play with yours?... or was that just me?! Well today for a good 45 minutes, I was treated to luxury by Christian and Anthony. Guess I don't need to have daughters to do hair with!
This one cracks me up...notice the concentration!
Anthony was too funny. He kept telling me he was a "dresser MAN" not a "dresser woman" (that would be his term for hairdresser). In this pic he is a "Dresser Man with a hood."
Making progress...
The finished product...notice all the blankets on me. They were so worried about their customer they wanted to make sure I was warm. What great customer service!
After all that, I think they needed to be manly and build something because I was called back to their room shortly after and found they had built a clubhouse.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh, what do you do?

What do you do when there is no power and the kids are freezing from being out in the snow a good portion of the day?
Diego decided to make a checkerboard. He got pretty good at the game after a few times and some hints. He really focused on this project which was a nice break....all the way around!
Boys and Brothers!
Christian went even as far as shining shoes for everyone...ahh that kid!
When the power had been off for a few hours we decided to get the candles and flashlights out just in case. Good thing we did. The boys loved eating by candlelight.
Anthony loved pretending to blow out the candles. Though he didn't love it when the candles we had going set the smoke detectors off...twice! At least the boys discovered what the detectors sounded like and if they hear that noise, what it means. A good learning moment!
When they plowed the street they took all the snow from the whole street and put it on the island in the middle of the street. This made for a 15 foot mountain which had the boys going crazy to get out there and climb it. I let them go at it today!