Friday, June 15, 2012

Having fun..

 Before the end of the school year I take the boys to Kings Dominion.  We always go before school gets out (on a school day) so its not so busy.  My boys have no idea the agony of waiting in line for over 45 minutes to get on a ride.  They only know the pleasure of walking right on up, waiting for the coaster to return and getting on.  Then they usually can keep sitting and go again.  

This picture is the only one I was able to take before my battery died.  But that's o.k. because it's in front of the best ride at the whole park....The Grizzly!  It truly makes me happy that the boys love roller coasters and that they love this one.  We rode it 4 times in a row!!!  

Anthony is missing because he is still 2 inches short of being able to ride most rides.  He got to go to school and then go swimming with our neighbor at the pool.  He was ok with that. We are hoping for a growth spurt this year and really hope and pray he will love roller coasters like the rest of us.

 Kindergarten Graduation

 Last week I was able to go to kindergarten graduation for Anthony.  This kid makes me laugh with his little strut and smile.  He kept looking over with a "I'm too cool for this" look.  He came a long way with his reading and writing this year.  He is ready and excited to go to 1st grade.

 Thank you!

During the school year I volunteered in Anthony's class.  As a thanks his teacher gave all the volunteers this.  It is super cute.  Inside the cake holder is a cake mix, frosting and cupcake holders.  The card read "Our volunteers Take the Cake!  Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to our classroom!"  Way cute.