Friday, May 17, 2013

The Snow Day

 This was a good snow day.  I was a happy and proud mom.  Diego stepped up and shoveled our steps and even went to the neighbors a couple doors down to shovel hers.  This was all before he even went off to play.  He is growing up!

Then it was off to make a fort.  The boys always hope for lots of snow so the plows can pile the snow up in the island of grass in the middle of the road.  They love to make forts.  This kept them busy for a long time.  (Then some stinkin' teens came through and wrecked their tunnel!)

Then the day took a turn. 
 While sledding Diego ran into a thorn bush! 
 (never mind that he was on the bottom of the sled, 
Christian on top of him and the neighbor boy on top of Christian)
 This is the result.

 Thorns were stuck in his forehead and head.  It hurt...poor guy!
After a shower and some neosporin,
  he was done for the day.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Building Museum

 Back in February I took Diego and Christian to the Building Museum in D.C. to help pass some things off for scouts.  It was an interesting afternoon filled with engineering, making your own silly putty, catapult and many other activities.  The boys (and me) learned new things and how things work. 

Diego trying to blow a balloon up into a cup.

Christian's balloon stuck in the cup.

This was the best one.  
At this station the boys had to change a tire blindfolded.
 The people helping them were actually blind as well. 
 Diego did great!

Christian wasn't brave enough to do it blindfolded.  

This was the most popular. 
 The Rocket Launcher. 
 You made a paper rocket and then with just a bike tube and 
an empty water bottle you could launch your rocket.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Batting Cages

 To help prepare Diego for his baseball game and break in his new bat, we headed to the batting cages.
  It was fun and all the boys did well.




The machine was aiming low.
  Not a very comfortable stance to hit the ball.
I did get some hits and realized that the vibration hurts 
your hand after connecting with the ball. 

Diego on the left...Christian on the right.

Anthony realized he could just bunt all the pitches
 and he'd hit it most of the time!

This is what my leg looked like after all day of being on the soccer fields, 
batting cages, mowing the grass and throwing the ball with
 Diego in the backyard. Pretty painful!