Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crime & Punishment

 Today the boys and I went to the Crime & Punishment museum downtown.  It was really fun.  It shows all the different ways people were captured, held or humiliated.  It also told of many famous criminals.  The boys really liked it and decided they are glad they didn't live way back in the day.  For an extra charge you can do a detective scavenger hunt while touring the museum and get a little prize at the end.  It made it really fun.  Diego was really good at it and the boys liked looking for the evidence.

 Diego in jail in the Old West.


At one station you can have your fingerprints taken and see what you were arrested for.
These were our arrests:
Diego: Kidnapping
Christian: Larceny & Domestic Violence (ran his 2x)
Anthony: Contempt of Court & Prostitution (ran his 2x)
Jodi: Driving Under the Influence

 Christian in a police line-up.

All 3 boys in a jail cell.

 Christian driving in a police car simulator.

You can practice shooting during a "raid."

I even got in on the raid.  All I can say is a robber is as good as dead if they come to our house.
  I got the guy with 2 shots, first one was the kill shot.

 Here is Anthony on America's Most Wanted.  
If he were to become a criminal I don't think he would make it on the run.

On our way back to the metro we found this little band set up outside.  
They were good and gathered a crowd.
  I wanted to stay and hang out more but the boys were cold and were done.
  A fun outing.