Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Fun Friday

The weather finally warmed up to somewhere in the 50's on Friday so we took advantage. We headed out to the park to get out some much needed energy. Many parents had the same idea because it was crowded (even though you can't tell in the pics), but it did the trick. We made a fun day out of it going to Cici's pizza afterward for dinner and then a trip to the dollar store. We had a good day!
Christian was pretty proud of himself because he could do the monkey bars backwards. If you see in the picture the monkey bars go around in a circle and he was proud to show me he could go all the way around. The boy has some good arm muscles.
This is one of Diego's favorite things to do at the park. He was proud that he could get it going pretty good all by himself.
Here is our monkey! Every time he climbed he'd want his picture taken. He will do anything the older two will do.