Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blood Bank?

 A couple weeks ago I scored a bunch of strawberries.  Having strawberry freezer jam at my brothers house one time I fell in love.  It was sooo good and I've always wanted to make it.  Finding time to go strawberry picking has never really worked out.  I managed to "pick" my strawberries from a bag and that was good for me.  There were 3 tubs of berries but I didn't think to document this occasion until I had already started.  It was super easy to make (so easy I had to call my sis-in-law to make sure I wasn't forgetting something!)  I have yet to try it but several bags have been taken and sampled and the outcome was a success.

When the boys saw what I was doing they asked "Is that blood?"  Boys.  Though it was fun to play along for a moment. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Polynesian Dancing

 On Saturday the boys and I went to see some Polynesian dancing. The boys loved it!  They of course loved the guy dances and their eyes were glued to the stage the whole time.  Sitting in front of us were a group of guys and one was from Samoa and he kept screaming their "Samoan yell" and every time my boys would laugh and a huge smile came on their face. It was a fun evening (minus the 20 minute wait at the drive thru for milkshakes that I promised the boys if they were good!  Poor Anthony fell asleep waiting and never got one.)  I figure this will be the closest that I'll ever get to actually going to the islands to see dancing.

This was the Haka dance--a fan favorite.
 I love the face of the guy on the right. 
 He was great.

This dance was cool.
They turned off the lights and their batons glowed.  
It reminded the boys of a light show that someone at church did that was spectacular.

This one was the best.  
The Slap dance.