Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Great Day

When I came downstairs this morning this is what I found waiting for me from Jose for my birthday. What a great guy! I'm lucky to have him. It totally made my day. And even better the kids hadn't gotten into it! I also woke up to snow! The first of the season. Diego has been complaining that we haven't had any snow yet and January was almost over. When were we going to get any snow?! Today his pleas were heard. So of course we got all the gear on and headed on out. Here is Anthony in his snowpants. He was excited to find his Nike hat but that didn't last long outside. He is too cute!
Christian was exhausted and hot while waiting for everyone to be ready. Getting snow stuff on takes forever! You have to spend a good amount of time outside just to make getting ready worthwhile!
Here are Diego, Anthony and out neighbor having a snowball fight. They were so excited to be outside.
My Christian. My Christian. What am I going to do with him. He was not happy to be wearing a coat and his gloves were just material. After I found the waterproof gloves, he refused to put them on. I told him he wouldn't be happy in a few minutes after the snow went thru his gloves and sweatshirt. I guess he just has to learn by experience!
This was Anthony's first real snow that he realized what it was and was excited to get in it. He had a good time and actually kept his gloves on.
After I had a snowball fight with all the boys, they decided they needed to build a fort to try and protect themselves from me. Here Diego is starting to build it.
Finally Christian helps out.
All three get in on the action.
As I thought, Christian didn't last long and wanted some hot chocolate to warm up.
Here Diego is trying to be a penguin. He would run and jump on his belly. We'll see how bad he hurts later!
Anthony wanted to try being a penguin too.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Passing on the wisdom!

So if you remember a few months ago, there was a post about Christian telling me how to cut and gel his hair. Today he decided to pass on his wisdom to Anthony. I caught them in the bathroom with Christian telling and showing Anthony how to put gel in his hair and how to style it. Maybe Christian can start a little side business!
Anthony wanted to take his new found knowledge and try it himself.
Here is his finished product. Notice how shiny it is because his hair is so filled with gel that the flash reflects from it.
Here he is checking out his skills in the mirror. He was very proud of himself!
After all that hard work Anthony needed a drink. I think this is funny because if you look closely at Anthony's head, you can see how much gel he used because of the big drip coming down his forehead!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A lesson learned?

So on Saturday we let the boys stay up and watch a Ben 10 movie. Before the movie though there was a Ben 10 cartoon on to which the boys decided to act out in their room. Ben 10 is about a boy who can turn into different aliens to protect others. Needless to say things got a little rough and this is what happened. Anthony got pushed too hard and pushed into the bed. This picture doesn't do him justice (it's been 2 days). He had a good bruise that went up the side of his cheek and the cheek itself looked like he was storing nuts for the winter. I can't say I felt too sorry for him because he can get things started just as good as the other two. Plus he was trying to go another round the very next day! His injury doesn't seem to be slowing him down any =) !