Thursday, August 20, 2009

Slurpee Thursday

My friend told me she takes her kids to get slurpees every Thursday if they've been good. I decided to try this with my boys and added a point system to go with it. 5 is the best and if they don't listen, aren't nice to each other or I have to ask them to do something more than twice then they lose a point. If I see them doing good things then they can earn their points back. When Thursday rolls around if you have a 4 or 5 then you get the largest cup (under a dollar), 2-3 equals the next smaller and a 1 gets you the smallest. 0 equals nothing! (We've come close but they pull it together) This has worked wonders for me as far as getting the kids to listen and do what they are told. They are devastated when they lose a point. Normally we only get slurpees but today was a special day. We so look forward to Thursdays!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun Friday

Today was such a fun day. A few weeks ago we took care of some cats and were lucky enough to get paid a little something for our efforts. So today we made it "A Friday full of Fun Day!" We started with lunch at a favorite pizza place called "Cici's Pizza." This is our Chuckie Cheese's. For us it is a great buffet, cheap (thanks to a coupon!) and fun for the boys when they get to spend some quarters. (Diego even did an extra job around the house to earn extra quarters!) Then it was off to the park. We met some friends there and ended up staying 3 hours! Time flys when you are having fun!
Anthony thinks he's such a big boy since he can go down the fireman pole.
I'm very proud of Diego. These are the weirdest monkey bars because the two on the left are higher than the next three so going left to right is a little difficult. Diego has been working on getting all the way across everytime we go and today he did it. I have it on video but I can't figure out how to get it off my camera. One day I'll figure it out! Now what would be a trip to the park without some kind of dare devil experience. Christian was pretty proud of himself for jumping off the slide like this. Boys! This park has baseball fields and the boys love to "sneak" in and today they were in search of baseballs that were left behind. Between all the hunters I think they got 3 baseballs! I had to throw this pic in because of Diego's face. Our friends hadn't shown up yet and he was "Sooo bored!" The boys actually helped in taking care of the cats. Diego loved to feed them where Christian actually loved to clean the litter box. Anthony tried to help with the litter box but made more of a mess than anything but at least he tried. So for their efforts they each made $10 that they could spend at Target. Christian bought something Star Wars and Diego ended up saving his money in hopes of earning more money to buy something more expensive (though that decision came after falling on the floor in tears crying he just wanted to buy something more expensive and how come I couldn't give him the money. That lasted a few minutes until a little girl said to her dad "how come he's crying like that?" I guess that's what it takes to get him to realize he was being silly) Anthony wanted Spider-man sun-glasses. He looks so cool! Then it was off to one of my favorite places that has such great memories for me. We went to feed the ducks at Tacket's Mill. We were welcomed by many ducks/geese who loved to be fed and then we were soon surrounded by ducks/geese. A little too close for Anthony.
So here are the geese/ducks when we first arrived.
Then they got out of the water and came fast.
The boys had to start throwing whole pieces of bread at them because they were coming closer and closer. The boys loved it here. They saw a turtle, fish and loved watching the geese fly into the water. It wasn't until we were leaving that I found this sign that said "Don't feed the wildlife! It gives them diseases!" Oops! Oh well, we had a blast! I'm so grateful that I've been able to have days like this with them.