Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall Fun

Weeks ago I took the boys to one of our favorite farms. It was such a fun afternoon. Here are some of the highlights.
Diego thought he could be a matador for the goats. Not working so good!
This was the best part of the trip (for the boys and me!). They added this slide and it was so much fun. I LOVE that the boys are getting old enough that they can do more things (that I get to do too). In the video below, Christian and I are having a race to see who gets down first. Again, a really fun afternoon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Keep scrolling down after this post...I went on a blogging marathon. This year we had two nights of Trunk-or-Treating. Thankfully only one of my boys decided to change costumes for each night.
Anthony the Rocker & Anthony...aka-Indiana Jones
Christian giving his dead mummy look.
I love my ward at church. So many families got into the spirit of the night and dressed up. Here were some of my favorites. We have one family who goes all out (even to the point where they change the scenery in their yard every week). This year they went with the theme of Wizard of Oz. He is one of the sons dressed as the tornado. He won best costume in the kid division. It was an awesome costume. Here is the dad of the family dressed as the scarecrow. This is at the trunk of their car. They went all out again. Notice the house with the legs coming out and the yellow brick road in the pic below. I always look forward to see what this family is going to do each year. I had to laugh at this one. These are the Stokers with their boat. You had to fish for your candy. It was such a fun night.

Diego gets Baptized

Diego turned 8 this year which marks a special occasion. He got baptized. It was a great day. We had a lot of friends and family (some even came as a total surprise! we loved it!!) who came and supported Diego.


This year we did fall sports and they kept us super busy...almost everyday of the week we had something sports related. Luckily Diego and Christian were on the same baseball team which helped...not looking forward to spring! Anthony started soccer and he loved it. He has been dying to play and all that watching payed off. He is a natural and its usually Anthony vs. the other team. He can hold his own. He also loves that he has his own uniform.


School is in session!!! Diego the 2nd grader
Christian the 1st grader
Anthony the preschooler
The scene in front of our house after school most days. We have become the after-school hangout. I love to see all the kids playing outside together. I love that they want to come here.

The last summer blast

We took one last trip to the beach in August to get ready for school. It was an exciting week full of great memories. While we there Hurrican Earl decided to try to come to shore. I've never been in a hurricane and now I can say it is an amazing thing. The picture doesn't do the ocean justice. It was very choppy and the wind was crazy. The salt in the air is impressive also. You felt slimy. Sidenote: Christian is looking at a big German Shepherd that a couple had brought with them to check out the ocean. It was a very nice dog but all the boys were unsure.
The night before we left Diego found this tree frog. This poor frog then became a "pet" and a frog-in-training. Not sure for what but they were trying to get the poor thing to do all sorts of tricks. Diego is convinced he taught the frog to "stay." Here Diego is drawing the frog and the frog actually stayed!

Birthday Boys

Happy Birthday Anthony and Diego!
Diego turned 8 this year! He is getting so big and he amazes me everyday. He continues to have a love of animals and tries constantly to catch something. He loves to read animal books and watch Animal Planet. He has also found a new interest in music. I come down in the mornings to find him watching music videos. Thought that wasn't suppose to happen until the teenage years!! Anthony turned 4. He is such a cutie and is a hoot to be around. He comes up with the funniest things. He also still has a love of cars and its funny to hear the conversations the cars have. He loves his big brothers and loves to do anything they do. He is a great big cousin to Autumn who he sees often. She lights up when she sees him. He is very affectionate and a joy to be around.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Fun

A few highlights of our summer
Fun at the lake