Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Diego's Special Day

Before Diego starts kindergarten I wanted to have a special day for him. I wanted it to be a day where he and I did something he loved where it was just us--no brothers. He wanted to see some tarantulas so we headed to downtown D.C. to the Smithsonian. This is his favorite museum because of the dinosaurs and animals. The last time we went the Insect Zoo was closed. We checked online this time and saw that they show tarantula feedings. He was so excited to see it. While we were waiting, there was a worker there with a cart with 5 containers of bugs that he would pull out and talk about. These are bugs that they will let the public touch. Diego wasn't brave enough to hold the giant grasshopper (don't blame him!) but he was brave enough to hold the "Hissing Cockroach". Luckily I was able to get 2 pics before the camera died. Too finish the day, he rode the Carousel and enjoyed the Metro ride home. I can't believe he will start school in just 3 weeks! He is getting so big. It was nice to have this alone time with him to watch his excitement of the creepy crawlies, animals and dinosaurs. He is such a loveable boy!! He is so brave!! They were so gross just to look at!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wedding cake

I had the chance to make a wedding cake for family on Jose's side of the family. I was excited/nervous to get to make another cake. They chose a simple yet elegant cake which was great for me. The cake topper they had though was a little too big for the cake, but I was pleased with the outcome.
Here are the bride and groom getting ready to cut the cake. I didn't stay but Jose had gone back to help take pictures and said that the reception went well. I was very worried that the topper would make the cake topple over but Jose said it held up through the night.

Kids and Powder

I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner on Thursday and Anthony comes down and this is what he looks like. That could only mean one thing...he had gotten into the powder...again. So I ask him where he was and he pointed to the upstairs. Check out the next few photos to see his works of art. This is their toybox in their room. This got the brunt of the powder explosion. It was pretty thick.

This is the carpet next to Anthony's bed. What you're not seeing is the 2-3 piles of powder ON his bed. Christian was trying to help clean it up and just started pushing the piles off the bed which only made this huge puff of powder smoke that filled the room.

He was so happy of his accomplishment. This was his 3rd time "playing" with the powder. I have decided to keep it under lock and key!!!

Rainy day at the Park

We were at the park with our friends on a beautiful day when it started to pour rain. We ran to our cars and waited 10 minutes for the rain to pass. When we walked back there were a few puddles for the boys to jump in. I didn't really care that they were getting all wet. How many times to you really get to play in the rain and jump in puddles? They had a blast. Ahh, to be young again! The slides were wet and the boys figured out that since they were wet and the slides were wet it was fast like a water slide.