Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kids and Powder

I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner on Thursday and Anthony comes down and this is what he looks like. That could only mean one thing...he had gotten into the powder...again. So I ask him where he was and he pointed to the upstairs. Check out the next few photos to see his works of art. This is their toybox in their room. This got the brunt of the powder explosion. It was pretty thick.

This is the carpet next to Anthony's bed. What you're not seeing is the 2-3 piles of powder ON his bed. Christian was trying to help clean it up and just started pushing the piles off the bed which only made this huge puff of powder smoke that filled the room.

He was so happy of his accomplishment. This was his 3rd time "playing" with the powder. I have decided to keep it under lock and key!!!


Karen said...

It's easy to sit here in NC and laugh at your powdery wonderland. (I'm sure it was terrible to clean up!) Anthony just looks so pleased with himself.

=) Karen

Kelli Brewer said...

At first, I was a little amused by the nickname "numnuts", but now, I'm started to get it :)

Funny stuff!