Thursday, March 26, 2009

Powder strikes again!

Why is this kid so obsessed with powder and dumping the whole bottle out? I was sitting on my couch when out of the corner of my eye I see this puff of smoke coming from the stairs. I thought "I don't smell smoke." So what else could it be? I go around the corner and see Anthony standing there. He had dumped the powder all down the stairs and then there were a couple of piles in his room. Thanks to him there was a layer of white dust all over my house. What am I going to do with this cutie? =)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Does this kid really belong to me????

This kid is definitely a Salinas. Christian is my kid that loves fruit. Here he is on his third helping of strawberries and whip cream! He doesn't get this from my side of the family!

Someone's getting a little older...

Diego lost his first tooth!
A few weeks ago we realized that Diego had a loose tooth. Well on the walk to the bus stop in the morning he was finishing a muffin (his 3rd) and he stopped walking. He asked if he could spit the muffin out. When he started speaking I noticed his tooth was gone! He spit and out came the tooth! I grabbed it and he was so surprised. He said "I'm surprised it came out with a muffin. A muffin is so soft!" He was excited to see if his friends at school would notice...they did. =)

Monday, March 2, 2009

A little piece of heaven

(Sorry for the 3rd post today but...) We woke up to this beautiful site! A snow day which makes everyone happy. Anthony wanted to go out bright and early at 7:00am to build a snowman. I told him he was on his own! He has just had to keep looking through the window! Maybe later...

A new love

Anthony has found a new love...coloring! And I couldn't be happier. He will sit for a good 30 minutes (if not more) and color. I love it. He gets excited when I suggest he gets his coloring book. It has been a huge life saver, especially at church. I will say though, I think he might end up a lefty. I try to switch his hands but he always goes back to the left! He sure does make me smile...sometimes!! :)

A walk in the park

On a nice Saturday afternoon we loaded the kids into the van and headed to a nearby park that has a great walking trail. The boys love it. Here are some pics from our adventure!
We went a little off the path and followed this stream where it had a lot of fallen trees over it that boys loved to cross. They also liked throwing rocks into the water to see who could get a big splash.
This was the best part for the older two. They loved crossing the big fallen trees and just climbing around. They were always looking for the next tree to cross...hoping it was bigger and a little harder!
This little guy didn't get to do as much climbing and scooting across the trees as the other two. He would have loved to though. He is quite the follower and tries to do everything the older ones do.
This particular tree was massive. I kept trying to get the boys to take a pick by the roots to show how huge it was compared to them but they just wanted to climb the limbs. Of course, they are boys...they don't want to stop for a picture! What was I thinking?! :)