Friday, May 29, 2009

Alive and kicking!

It has been such a long time so there is much to post about. Hopefully you want to take a break from what you are doing to check us out. Or just quickly scroll through the pics!
Preschool Graduation Picnic
Today was Christian's last day of preschool. They had a picnic at a local park with a little certificate program thrown in. It was hot and muggy but that never seems to bother the kids.
The preschool graduate
Christian and Ms. Haskins getting his certificate and gift.
Anthony was an honorary student. The preschool is looking forward to having him next year. They might be singing a different tune when they are actually around him for more than 5 minutes. But he can't wait. This group of boys were quite funny. They became such good buddies. Every day after school they'd meet in the halls or outside and share a toy they brought from home. Then they'd end up in a game of tag. I'm so glad Christian made such good friends. Sadly none of them will go to the same school.
BATMAN BURN OUT! Yesterday Christian came to tell me that Anthony had fallen asleep and it was 4 in the afternoon. Not a good situation. So I went into the basement to wake him up and this is what I found. He's dressed in his Batman halloween costume and riding his horse. He had totally fallen asleep while riding the horse. When he'd jolt himself awake he'd start to ride again but the rocking motion would put him back to sleep. He is such a funny kid.
Lizard as a pet? Diego has been begging for a dog. When the answer was no he moved on to any animal he could think of. These lizards live under our front steps and in the neighbors bushes. Diego is determined to catch one and keep it as his pet. What is this kids obsession with animals? He's asked for a dog, fish, guinea pig, toad, snake, lizard, and hamster. All answers have been no though contemplating a fish. We shall see.
Sports are in the air. Diego is playing t-ball and likes it. He says he likes it better than soccer because there is less running involved! This is a usual problem during the game. They always have to stop and trade helmets for Diego. There's only one helmet that fits his head.
Diego is also taking tae-kwon-do. They offered it as an after school club. We jumped at the chance because it was only $45 for 6 weeks and that included the uniform. This way we could see if he really liked it before shelling out the big bucks. He has enjoyed it and luckily he hasn't really tried any of the moves on his brothers! And here is our soccer player. Christian loves this game and has a natural talent. He has gotten really good at defense and tries hard to score at every game. Mother's Day Tea At Christian's preschool they had a Mother's Day tea where the kids prepare sandwiches with veggies and dip and they sing a few songs. It was cute. Christian actually sang the songs. I was surprised (Diego had just mouthed the words last year!). He is a cutie!