Thursday, July 14, 2011

Animal Whisperer

We have an animal whisperer at our house and his name is Diego. This kid has a talent for catching animals or getting them to come to him. Over the past two months he has caught and released (most) animals. He is not afraid of anything and I haven't figured out if that's good or bad. While at the moment his favorites are reptiles (sadly to him they are not my favorite), all animals will go to him. I'm telling you if he doesn't end up with a job that has to do with some kind of animal I will be shocked! The above turtle is "Eco". He found this turtle at a park near our house. This is the only caught creature he has been able to keep. I was sketchy at first but the turtle grows on you. =) The next animals are ones that he has caught and released. There were some frogs in the mix but they didn't get a photo op.
This is a small bird.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


At the end of June we took our annual trip to the Outer Banks. Another great week flew by. You would think with the house filled with this many kids it would be crazy but it keeps getting better as each year passes.
I was very excited for a great week
This year there was: Turtle catching
Swimming at the pool
Digging in the sand
Trying to catch a wave (in super cold water!)
This year we played on the sand dunes and it made for some great laughs. (Keep your eye on the right side of the screen.)
A great way to relax