Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kings Dominion

I have been wanting to take the kids to Kings Dominion for some time now and I finally decided to make the decision and do it. Prices were cheap and time was right. The day ended up being beautiful and the park was not crowded at all. Wasn't sure how the boys would like roller coasters but thankfully they loved them!!! This makes me so happy!! Now the old tradition of going every year can continue on. Leaving Anthony (too young and small) with Nana and having an extra ticket, Aunt Kelli happily agreed to go with us. This was all a surprise for Diego and Christian. In the morning we got ready as if we were going to school but telling them I had to take them to the doctor and then take them to school. After dropping Anthony off I handed the tickets to Diego and asked him to read it. When he did and I said "that's where we're going" it took a few moments for it to register. He kept saying "Today? We're going there now? Are you kidding?" It was too funny. With the boys never riding a coaster before we decided to start out small. We started with a water ride, "The log ride,"not the official name but that's what we call it. Just easing into the water Diego exclaims "this is the best day of my life!" It was going to be a good day. After that we headed over to the kidzville section and they saw a mini-coaster and wanted to try it. Here is the video. Notice the hands up at the end. It was there goal to keep hands up.
Here we are waiting in line for the "Scooby-doo." Notice there is no one else there. Yea, we were able to just walk right up for a lot of the rides...and then ride again without having to get out.
I love this picture. Christians eyes say it all about what he's thinking as he awaits his first real roller coaster!
Bumper Cars!
Christian loved getting hit with the mist. He needed to "cool off."
This was another hit--the old fashioned cars.
Getting a little hot we headed to the White Water Canyon. Sticking a wad of toilet paper into Christians shoes helped boost his height just enough so he could get on the ride. This is a definite soaker.
Christian was short by a couple inches for most of the bigger roller coasters. (we are hoping for a growth spurt by next year...Diego too. He wants to go on the ones that go upside down!) I think we rode these cars at least 5 times.
Back at the Scooby-doo these two were feeling pretty adventurous and wanted to sit in the front car! No fear!
Let me explain this video. I was trying to capture their first attempt at sitting in the front. You can hear my sister Kelli trying to scare them but then the roller coaster stops mid-flight up the hill and over the loud speaker you hear "Put the camera down!" I was even watched the next time around. The kids did great by-the-way...even keeping their hands up the whole time!!
At the top of the Eiffel Tower. Notice Christian...he had burned out by now. Walking the park several times and being bummed that he couldn't ride some of the rides finally took its toll. He didn't even want to try a funnel cake! It was such a great day. I'm a happy mom since I have roller coaster loving boys!! We shall see Kings Dominion next year for sure!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My 3 Sons

Yes, I'm a week overdue with a Mother's Day post. It was a good day. The boys made really cute presents at school and church. They each bring something special into my life. I'm so thankful that I get to be their mom.
At Anthony's preschool they had a "Mother's Day Tea." Always a cute little program and the kids are way excited to show off in front of Mom. (Sorry about the red eyes...they really aren't possessed little kids!!) Gotta a little teary-eyed when they sang their little songs. Anthony actually tried to sing!! He can always make me smile.
They grow up so fast...
Me and my man!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Here we go again!

The sport season has been in full swing now for at least 4 weeks. Life has been crazy for the Salinas household as we have Diego playing baseball and Christian playing soccer. We usually have a practice or game at least 4 days out of the week. Thankfully they only overlap once this season.
This is Diego's second season playing baseball and this year it is coach pitch. He is doing really well and likes to play. I was really nervous that he'd get upset if he struck out but he has taken it well. The games have been really entertaining. One game there was a home run, a double play and one team member thinking you could get a kid out by chucking the ball at the runner! (and yes...he actually got someone!!)
Here is Diego playing catcher. It is funny to watch the kids try this position. I don't know how much they can see with the helmet on (I'm thinking not a whole lot). He isn't too fond of this position.
Christian...the soccer player. He was pretty excited for the season to begin. He loves this game and is fast with good skills. He loves to score but he really likes to defend too.
Always a highlight of the game...half-time snack and end of the game snack!
Oh yes...and then there is this guy. He can't wait for his turn to play. Next season, Anthony, next season!