Sunday, February 16, 2014




A couple weeks ago I went and played Bingo for the first time.  All I could think of was the episode of "Roseanne" where they go and play bingo and all the women have their troll dolls and good luck items lined up on their table. I was ready for action!

The place looks empty but it filled up.  We were the youngest people there!  People take Bingo serious.  They drop some serious cash on it too.   Many had special made bags to hold the ink dotters.  Many had several paper games and electronic games going at the same time.  Serious business!

I did get to yell "Bingo!" once and then 2 seconds later some guy behind me yelled it too.  Luckily it was only the two of us so we only had to cut the pay in half for that game.  But at least I got to yell "Bingo!"

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